The End of This Week in Podcasts

For just shy of the past seven months, I have written weekly roundup posts talking about my favorite medium — podcasts — and the episodes I considered the best released during that time span. Although the number of shows in each issue varied from week to week, I like to think that the quality remained constant, along with my rate of publication: with the exception of a lengthy trip to Canada’s backwoods, I have not missed a single week. It may come as a surprise, then, that today I have decided to end this series for the foreseeable future.

Those of you paying attention, however, likely saw this coming: just three weeks ago I introduced a single recommendation by way of a brief explanation describing my recent lack of enthusiasm when it came to all things tech, and the according shift in interests that brought about. A month earlier, I had nothing to say at all. This announcement has been a long time coming, then, even if I failed to recognize it at the time.

Perhaps someday I will start again. In fact, I know that I will. However, to do so now would betray great things to come. Rather than spoil the surprise, I have chosen to shift all my effort elsewhere for the time being so that when I do finally make a comeback, it can be the best comeback possible. It’s time that I buckle down and do the hard work again, and stop coasting here.

Until next time, then.