This Week in Podcasts

This week, thanks to Carl Holscher and Daniel Ignacio, I have discovered two great new podcasts. Alongside these two shows, I once again present my list of the best podcasts I have had the privilege to hear over the past seven days. These are the best of the best, folks, and as such I hope you will spend some time checkout out each and every one of them. I promise: it will be worth your time.

Unprofessional Episode 67: What Does a Grown Man Look Like Naked  —  Scott Simpson. Airborne turbulence, damaging accusations, awkward situations at your kid’s birthday party, and what to do when you think your plane might crash. As is the case with almost every podcast Scott Simpson makes an appearance on, this was both smart and quite funny.

Unprofessional Episode 69: Anastasia Helicopter  —  Merlin Mann. Turns out names are hard, and words are even harder: in this week’s episode of Unprofessional, Dave, Lex, and Merlin pillory the terrible choices so many make in naming their children.

Accidental Tech Podcast Episode 75: You Had Your Moment. Turns out John hates amusement parks. This week’s intro right here is 3:25 of John Siracusa at his best; absolutely hilarious. Also on this episode, the importance of self-relience when insuring the longevity of your creations, more Overcast follow-up, and some additional speculation as to the material of the purported iPhone 6 screen that leaked some two weeks ago.

Exponent Episode 10: Clap on Three. Ben and James talk once again on economics and Uber, a topic I found fascinating last time they went over it, and have another great discussion about culture as it relates to Microsoft and the company’s future. Unsurprisingly, a very interesting episode.

We’re Alive. After a desperate plea for suggestions, Carl Holscher pointed me towards this podcast. Although I tend to dislike the zombie genre, I decided to give it a try; fifteen chapters over some forty-eight episodes later, and I’m hooked: We’re Alive is a fantastic radio drama the likes of which I have never heard before. I will admit that at times the producers get a little too ambitious and have too many things going on at once, making it difficult to discern exactly what is going on, but all in all this is a great show and one that I would recommend to anyone looking for a break from the norm.

Pixel Recess. Another newcomer, this time courtesy of Daniel Ignacio, he described Pixel Recess as “a more design-y version of Bionic”. A huge fan of Bionic myself, I will admit that I was skeptical: I did not believe anyone could reproduce something so perfect on so many different levels as Bionic was, and as it turns out, I was right. However, that’s not to say that Pixel Recess is not a hilarious show, because it absolutely is: these have to be the best interviews I have ever heard. Completely absurd and always funny — in that respect, it is very much a close sibbling to Bionic.